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Photo of Krystof Baniewicz, Chief Scientific Officer of the Gene Therapy Institute
Gene therapy may offer new treatment strategy for alcohol use disorder
Gene therapy might offer a one-time, sustained treatment for patients with serious alcohol addiction, also called alcohol use disorder, according to a new study led by Krystof Bankiewicz, MD, PhD.
Photo of Russell Lonser, Director of the Gene Therapy Institute
De-Risking Cell And Gene Therapy Clinical Trials
Dr. Russell Lonser, Director of the Gene Therapy Institute, gives a historical overview and provides insight on planning for the future of gene therapy.
Illustration of gene therapy injection to the brain
New Gene Therapy Institute positions Ohio State as a leader in translational science
Ohio State holds one of the largest first-in-human clinical trial portfolios in gene therapy and is one of the only institutions with most of its gene therapy trials delivering targeted gene therapy to the midbrain.
Krys Bankiewicz, Ohio state gene therapy researcher
Gene therapy is changing lives today; tomorrow, it could change millions
Ohio State scientist is studying a novel gene therapy model that could lead to treatment for widespread neurological diseases.
The oval at dawn
Ohio State launches new Gene Therapy Institute
The Institute will coordinate existing strengths to accelerate the expansion of therapies.

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